5 Great Things about the Walt Disney World Skyliner

The Skyliner at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida features 300 suspended cabins which promises grand views of the Walt Disney World property.

1 The Views

The views you will take in will reveal never before seen glimpses of the Walt Disney World property between EpcotDisney’s Hollywood Studios and four Disney resort hotels.  The gondola is wrapped in glass which will offer sweeping 360-degree views.

2 Simple Interior Design

The cabins themselves feature long benches and room enough to accommodate wheel chairs.  The cabins fit up to 10 people which means over-crowding won’t be an issue.  The simple design allows for much flexibility.

3 Constant Motion

The system will be in constant motion which means you won’t be caught dangling in the hot Florida sun.  Travel between stations will take just minutes.  The typical ride time will last from 5-15 minutes

4 Environmentally Friendly Tech

There’s been a lot of complaints that the gondolas will not have Air Conditioning.  Instead the glass has been designed to reflect away the hot Florida sun and special ventilation has been implemented to help combat the sometimes harsh Florida climate.  If it works the way it should, Disney will be doing a great service to our environment.

5 Disney Theming

Of course any new Disney attraction wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of magical theming. According to the Orlando Sentinel, there will be 22 Disney themes applied to the gondolas of the Skyliner that include eight color options for the cabins.



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