Disney Parks: New Rules for 2019

Getting ready for that big trip?  Families of every constellation visit the Disney Parks each year.  Whether you’re traveling with your small children, a large group, couples, or on your own, it’s a good idea to check out the what is and is not permitted inside the parks.  Be sure to check out DisneyWorld.com/Rules or Disneyland.com/Rules for the most up to date rules for guests while visiting the Disney Parks.

Here’s some new rules Disney is putting into place.


If you’re a family with small children strollers are a must.  Did you know the amount of steps a guest will travel while visiting a Walt Disney World park averages around 15,000 – 20,000 steps?  That’s 5 – 10 miles!  If you’ve ever been to Disney this isn’t surprising.  All that walking is tough on the average adult and for little kids its even more so.  So it’s no surprise the incredible volume of strollers you will see inside the parks on any given day.

Beginning May 1, 2019 Disney World is banning all wagons including the so-called stroller wagons from the parks.  Any all other strollers will have a


size restriction which will require them to be no larger than31″ (79cm) wide and 52″ (132cm) long.  Most strollers sold on the market today fit within these guidelines.

Magical Tip: If you’re new to Disney you’re likely to think that you need to bring your huge stroller with all those fun little compartments.  In actuality the complete opposite is true.  A stroller that is light but also maneuverable is the way to go.  During my recent trip with my young family we found the most AMAZING, very AFFORDABLE stroller.  It kept our four year old happy and was easy on both of us to maneuver around.  It’s called the Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller and it is an amazing stroller to consider for any Disney trip.  I’m less than average height for a guy while my husband is over 6 feet tall.  The problem with most light strollers is their handles sit to low for taller people causing back issues while walking.  This stroller doesn’t have that problem.  The handles stand higher; it has just the right amount of compartments and even features a cup holder and perfect sunshade.  It folds up easily and quickly.


Beginning May 1, 2019 smoking or vaping will no longer be allowed inside a Walt Disney World or Disneyland theme park, water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports or Downtown Disney District in California.

Magical Tip:  Smoking areas WILL BE AVAILABLE outside the entrances of the areas listed above.  There are designated smoking areas in Walt Disney resorts as well.  


Begining March 28, 2019 loose ice or dry ice will no longer be permitted inside the theme parks or water parks.

Magical Tip:  If you are bringing coolers be sure to remember to use reusable ice packs instead.


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