Need Water? It’s Free.

No matter how much you prepare, traveling to Walt Disney World can be a mine field for your wallet. Everywhere you turn it seems like everything has been monetized. Everything that is except for water.

Wallet Woes

When at Disney World, purchasing a beverage, snack, (or anything really) can set you back a lot. There’s no shortage of sticker shock moments when you visit the mouse.

Hack the System

Luckily there are opportunities for freebies when you visit the parks. One such freebie is water.

Here’s how to get your FREE water when visiting Walt Disney World:

  1. Visit any quick-service restaurant and ask the cashier fur a cup of water.
  2. Bring the receipt that the Disney cast member prints for you to the counter and hand it to one the cast members who is preparing food orders.

That’s it! Aside from waiting in the line like everybody else, you now have a cup of water that didn’t cost you a dime.

Add Some Flavor

Plain water too boring?  Pack up some liquid or powdered water enhancers and your good to go.

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