Walt Disney World: Top 5 Free Resort Experiences

When vacationing at Walt Disney World sometimes its easy to forgot about all the perks that go along with booking a Walt Disney World resort.  Here are some great free experiences you can enjoy.

#5 Sunrise Yoga

Disney World is fun and exciting but it’s also a lot of physical and mental work keeping yourself and your kids happy.  At select resorts complimentary morning yoga is offered to keep you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another day.  This is a perfect way to put your best foot forward.

This experience is not available at all resorts so be sure to check with your resort.

#4 African Face Painting

This is a great free perk if you’re staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  The cost for face painting at Walt Disney World runs about $12-15 but if you’re staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge this is a great option too.  Your kids will love it and they will love it even more if you participate too!

#3 Aloha After Dark

Each Sunday and Wednesday night at the Great Ceremonial House Lawn Polynesian Village Resort hosts Aloha After Dark. This family friendly event is packed with various tropical themed activities and interactive fun for resort guests to enjoy with their families.

#2 Watch the Evening Fireworks and Electrical Water Pageant

Part of the magic of staying within an eye shot of Magic Kingdom is getting to be a part of the evening fireworks show without being a part of the mass of humanity that gathers around the castle at that time. Not only can you see the fireworks very clearly from the beach at the Polynesian Village Resort, but at certain points around the resort they pipe in the music that goes along with the show. I highly recommend getting near one of those speakers as the show is 3x as good when you know the story and music that goes along with it.

Magical Tip: The pageant can be viewed from ant resort along the seven seas lagoon. 

#1 Campfires

Gather ‘round as the sun goes down for a little old-fashioned family fun as you roast marshmallows next to a crackling fire!  This experience is among the most popular and available at many resorts around Walt Disney World.  Below is a list of resorts which host nightly campfires.

Photo Credit : Disney
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